Nature Spirits' Soulstream

I have developed my own approach with a unique composition of therapeutic techniques which surely open the way to an exciting inner journey.  I call it Soulstream Councelling, using Eclectic Hypnotherapy is a method of psychotherapeutic treatment influenced by Shamanism, rational sets of therapies and eastern meditative arts, among others. You will get more insight in the inner system behind your problem and on the origin of your problem. You will be more in control of your way of thinking and on your behaviour.

The benefit of an eclectic approach is that you get a customized, unique treatment to insure the best effects on your Pathway to recovery .


I am specialized in treatment of:

  • Eating disorders (e.g. weight problems,  anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa);
  • ADHD and autism; Anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders.


Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy which uses different ways of hypnosis during the treatment of psychological, psychosomatic or physical illness. With the help of a state of trance in combination with guided visualizations the patient will get insight on inner processes and images from the subconscious mind that are related to his/her complaint. Those impressions will favor healing process of the patient.


Hypnosis a state of trance which you can compare with moments when you are reading a book and you do not notice what is happening around you. As a healing technique, hypnosis is a unique way of communication in order to enter into a deep connection with your subconscious and to activate dormant resources.

Regression & Reincarnation

Regression is a technique to use in combination with hypnosis /deep relaxation with the purpuse to go back in time to experiences in the past that causes troubles in the present. The patient might go back to experiences in a recent past, but also to memories from youth or childhood, birth, time in the womb or even to the conception. 
Sometimes memories appear that do not fit in this life-time. Those visions might take the patient back to unhealed issues in past lifes or in-between ...

Soulstream Coaching 

Over the years I have developed an eclectic approach in my work as a councellor. I created my own approach based on knowledge, life-experience and intuition. As soon as I tune in on the client in front of me, a unique composition of those elements with therapeutic techniques open the way to an exciting inner journey. 


The benefit of an eclectic approach is that you get a customized, unique treatment to insure the best effects on your way to recovery and a life in balance.

Below you will find more information about the different therapeutic techniques that I use in my approach.



My Toolbox

Family constalations

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Imagination Therapy

(Bert Hellingers’ concept)
You probably recognize those moments in life when you do exactly what your father/mother should have done in a similar occasion. Or, you might recognize the pattern of your behaviour with friends or partner that fits seamless to situations with family in the past. We are born with the DNA of our family, but we have the birthright to make a difference. This concept gives us the right tool in hands to do so!

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our behavior is a response to sensory impulses, neurological processes. With our language we are trying to organize and to express these processes and impulses. Sometimes we find that we have irrational thought patterns and beliefs that block us. They have a negative effect on our lives, behavior and health. With NLP we can (re-)program our inner and external communications in such a way that we can achieve our desired goals.

Imagination therapy is a kind of journey through your inner world. With the help of a state of trance and the guidance of a therapist, you can obtain a better understanding of the blockages created in your conscious mind (such irrational beliefs, critical judgments and restrictive thoughts about what you ’must do’ and what you are ’not allowed to do’). It is a kind of daydream, where your can activate your inner resources of strength and clear vision on your inner self.

Vizualization / Dream therapy

Transactional Analysis (TA) Therapy

Breathing and relaxation techniques

During visualizations the therapist guides you on an inner journey where the  focus is more on the experience of letting go,  to take distance, to relax and to sense your inner strength. The communication between patient and therapist during a visualization is used only for minimal feedback.

Each individual possesses factions that frequently collide with each other. These collisions and interactions between personality factions manifest themselves as an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Those personality factions are in this technique called ego states and can be observed in behaviors. The TA matches them with ’roles’ like parent, adult and child. In transaction with other people, we can analyse de source of our life issues that we express in (emotional) behaviour.

Breathing and relaxation techniques are simple ways to relax and manage feelings of stress. Some breathing techniques are used to relax your body, while other methods are used to induce a trance situation

RET Rational-Emotive Therapy.

Core Transformation (CT)

Soul Retrieval

Some people develop particular central thoughts or cognitive schemes which systematically distort their view on themselves and reality. This leads to emotional, disturbed behaviour patterns. RET is a type of cognitive therapy, which is based on a no-nonsense attitude in order to determine the cause behind a constantly recurring behavior.

Imagine your limitations becoming a doorway to states often called Inner Peace, Joy, Love or Oneness. Core Transformation meets the deepest strivings of our times: to heal our problems and develop spiritually. This goal of most psycho-spiritual approaches is no longer a mysterious ideal. Core Transformation makes it tangible, even inevitable. People have used CT to heal relationships, "problem" emotions such as anger or jealousy, overcome anxiety or depression, stop smoking, improve health, etc

Sometimes, we encounter difficulties in our daily live which keeps us from accessing our holy potential.

Shamans believe that, during serious problems, trauma and fearful situations we deal with during Life, parts of our soul might get stuck and cannot return on their own.

Symptoms that would indicate soul loss can be e.g.  depression, a feeling of incompleteness, an inability to move forward etc..

There is often a feeling that something is missing in life.

A Mother Earth ritual and animal spirit guidance will help you in this healing process back to Wholeness.