Nature Spirits' Soulstream

Events with Spirit


The Nature Spirits events are taking place on an Idyllic Location With Bohemian Spirit in Hungary


We invite you with much Love to Chy-Kara!

This place represents our heart and our soul. A place that is the revelation of the bundled creativity and manifestation power of both Jay and myself. It became a fascinating retreat location for reflection, inner work, inspiration, music, magic.

Please take a look at the Nature Spirits Event Program here .... 


Chy-Kara offers an idyllic location for inspiration, reflection and creative retreat


Chy-Kara has become a place which our guests admire for the special, mystical atmosphere that prevails here. It has happened many times that travellers said that the calm, peaceful Zen-like Spirit of this place and the healing, inspiring energy reminded them of sacred places in India and Tibet.

You And Your Group


Is it your dream or wish to guide a workshop with your group on a special, magic place somewhere in Europe?

We invite you with much love to Chy-Kara!

Chy-Kara offers a unique place for workshops. It has the capacity for small groups to ensure a high degree of intimacy and personal approach. If it comes to the organizational side it maintains a low threshold and easy-going, encouraging agreements.


If you are searching for a fascinating environment for a retreat with your group in combination with a workshop with topics like yoga, zen, singing, esotericism, tarot reading/rune telling/astrology, herbal healing, philosophy, djembe, acro-yoga, shamanic healing circles, ascension processes, etc. etc., we hope that we have raised your interest and your curiosity :-)



Before you built any opinion ... just wath the video above  :-)     ....