Nature Spirits' Soulstream

Over 16 years ago I followed a deep, overwhelming feeling to settle in Hungary. I gained a clear understanding of my divine mission to go to Hungary and prepare a place for people who will need help during The Great Awakening with the changing energies and with the physical and emotional phenomena during the wake-up moments of the ascension process.

I left the consumption society in The Netherlands, with my daughter, to follow my heart and this calling and found my place which I called “Chy-Kara”.  
Chy-Kara is a place known for the special, mystical atmosphere that prevails here. It is a Bohemian Retreat place with Zen-Spirit in Retro style. It is an idyllic place with inspiring energy for healing, reflection, creative retreats and workshops.


If you would like to know more about the magic and mistery about my personal process and initiations,  I invite you to read all about this in my Blog: " White Hart brings you Home" (Sorry, this is only in Dutch language at this moment )

About me ... Annemieke Friedrichs

"It's Time to Remember Who You Are, Why You Are Here and Why You Have Chosen
to be on Earth at this Time of the Greatest Change EVER"

In my heart and in my soul, I long to find truth, both in everyday life and metaphysically.


I have done my shadow walk. I greeted my thresholds in more sacred trials and moved herewith just beyond the edge where the deeper learnings greeted me and became part of me. I work from life experience in combination with deep working tools and a healthy intuition.

I can guide you through the inner landscape of soul, draw out the mythic symbology and ask the right questions to lead you to your own discoveries and inner “rememberings.”

The moment I tune into the client in front of me, a special interaction of those elements start and connect with therapeutic techniques to open the way to a fascinating Inner Journey.


"I can guide you on your journey to restore the Harmony in your Life."


For my method I have been inspired by Shamanism, rational psychotherapeutic methods and Eastern meditation methods.

Using those deep and effective healing modes with a therapeutic hypnosis I can help you to gain a clear understanding of the origin of your problem and to find the Path towards Healing.


If your Spirit calls for healing ...

As a part of my education, I opted for a three-year vocational training as an Eclectic Hypnotherapist at the Seth, Academy of Eclectic Psycho-therapy in the Netherlands. I chose a year of further deepening with a one-year psycho-therapy specialization to gain insight into the treatment of people with eating-, anxiety-, compulsive- or identity disorders.

​More important, I assume that if you suffer from a physical or psychological complaint, it is your Spirit calling for healing and it offers you the possibility to open a Path towards a special transformation in consciousness.

Nature Spirits and Me

I am aware of the energetic communication between people and I have a strong connection with nature, which has greatly supported my development on the Puszta in Hungary, where I have been living for 16 years now.


Integrity, respect, freedom, attention, equality, trust and certainly a healthy dose of humor are central to my approach. I use these qualities combined with an extensive life experience to help you gain insight into disturbing feelings and behavior.


I can help you to turn this into optimal enjoyment, personal sense of purpose, inner peace and freedom of choice in behavior and feeling. I use this creative combination of clear knowing and spiritual energy for individual treatments and for group training sessions and workshops, such as with Spirit Walks.