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If your life is in balance, you feel in harmony with your friends, your family and your work, and you are physically and spiritually in great shape. You are an all-round Happy person.

As we are all human beings we have to deal with some challenges in life.

Imagine your life as if you are trying to make a pile of 5 pebbles ...One pebble represents Work, the others stand for Family, Friends, Health and Spirit.
One of them will always be positioned steady and right ... Work! But the others need 100% of your concentration and peace of mind to pile them in perfect balance!Voeg een lang, mooi verhaal toe over jouw bedrijf en hoe deze tot stand is gekomen. Vertel over jouw teamleden en schrijf een artikel over de oprichter van dit bedrijf. Voeg je eigen foto's toe zodat klanten meer over je te weten kunnen komen en je kunnen vertrouwen.

Most of the important and relevant things to live your life in balance are not taught at school! Our Spirit and Physical body are equipped with surprisingly perfect tools to help us with our challenges, but we did never learned how to do this!

If a problem starts disturbing us in our life, it will present itself in different shapes and levels. It might appear in an energetic flow like uncomfortable feelings of vague origins and dreams, and also as different behaviour of yourself or others. Our system does register this. It will send us 'signals', but we ignore them. The issues will persist in order to get your attention. So, every time they will appear in a more material shape. Ignoring the signals might cause you to transform an energetic signal into a physical issue.

The creative and at the same time deep methods of Eclectic Hypnotherapy will give you insight in this process. It will give you the awareness you need in order to bring your life in Balance again. Because the source of awareness is directing the mind and the body ... not the other way around!

21th of March
Ostara - Goddess of the Spring
Spring Equinox Celebration


1st - 2nd of May

Beltane celebration

22nd - 28th of May
6-Days Shaman Journeying 

23th - 25th of July
Create you Shaman Spirit Staff or Talking Stick


September 13th - 15th
One-ness with Mother Earth

October 31th
Samhain celebration

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